Life with disease

Cosinus Spray sinuses and nose

For people with sinuses and nose problems COSINUS SPRAY SINUSES AND NOSE helps to remove excess secretion from nasal cavities and areas situated higher-paranasal sinuses. It contains moisturizing ingredients and acts mildly antibacterial. It forms a film on the surface of mucous membranes – barrier against penetration of allergenic substances and intensifying inflammation.

Delapis sachets

Premium formula for Urolithiasis DELAPIS is an advanced combination of Potassium Bicarbonate, Potassium citrate, Magnesium citrate, Couch grass and Common horsetail which is indicated for all types of kidney stones formation including Calcium Oxalate and non-Calcium stones. This combination acts mainly by multiple ways via alkalization of urine and increasing urine out-put.

Evening Primrose tablets


Evening Primrose Oil is one of the best sources of the unsaturated fatty acid Gamma-Linolenic Acid (GLA) and helps to provide nutritional support for women with PMS.

Immuno Positive tablets

IMMUNO POSITIVE is recommended for use during the period of increased incidence of flu and cold, during convalescence after treatment. IMMUNO POSITIVE is a food supplement containing zinc, folic acid, selenium, vitamins: A, B6, B12, C and plant extracts: Aloe vera leaves, black chokeberry fruits, raspberry fruits, cranberry fruits, rosehips, Siberian ginseng root.

Prodigest tablets

PRODIGEST is recommended for people with digestive disorders. PRODIGEST is a food supplement containing soybean phospholipids, choline, zinc, vitamin B6 and plant extracts: fennel, chicory, turmeric and peppermint.

Uragin tablets

Urinary tract URAGIN is recommended for persons wishing to look after immunity of the body and correct functioning of the urinary system. URAGIN is a food supplement being a source of vitamin C and extracts of cranberry and common horsetail.