Life with allergy

Allerin tablets

ALLERIN is recommended for supplementation by persons hypersensitive to presence of pollen, dust, construction particulates, mites, animal hair, food substances, cosmetics or detergents. The formulation is also recommended for people with calcium ion or folic acid deficiency in diet.

Cosinus tablets

COSINUS is a high-quality ingredients preparation recommended for supplementation by people wishing to take care of their immune system and good condition of the upper respiratory tract mucous membranes, especially sinuses. 

Cosinus-Iso Spray

Cosinus-Iso dilutes mucosal secretion, which aids in the removal of mucus from the nose and sinuses. Also, it moistures dry nasal passages, making it easier for the nose and sinus tissues to clear, improve breathing and promote mucociliary flow. Due to its isotonicity, it is highly recommended for optimal cilia movements.