For seniors

Artrostaw tablets

ARTROSTAW is recommended for supplementation at any age for people who would like to maintain the efficiency and flexibility of joints of the entire body. It is particularly indicated for persons performing joint-straining, hard physical labor and in physically active persons and athletes who may risk overloading of joints.

Climastop tablets

CLIMASTOP supplementation is recommended for women over 40 years of age during perimenopause. The formulation contains natural substances essential for mitigation the discomfort associated with decreasing levels of the female hormone – estrogen.

Kartilin cream

KARTILIN CREAM is a topical joint formula combination which helps to the regeneration of the cartilages in the joints and relieving pains.

Prostamin tablets

PROSTAMIN is recommended for men over 40 years of age, who would like to maintain in good condition functions of the prostate and the urogenital tract. PROSTAMIN is a food supplement, which is a source of zinc, vitamin B6, E and extracts of Pumpkin seeds, Nettle root, Saw Palmetto fruits and Pygeum Africanum bark.